Kylie Jenner's Makeup Artist Has a Magical Trick for Fixing Mascara Mistakes



No matter how careful you are while applying mascara, somehow, a little bit always seems to end up on your eyelids or the bridge of your nose. And then you wipe it off, only for it to smear all over your face, so you have to grab makeup remover to remove it, which *also* takes off your foundation. 😑Well, thank Kylie Jenner's makeup artist Hrush Achemyan, because you'll never go crazy dealing with mascara mistakes again with this easy hack

The key is NOT to panic. As soon as you get mascara somewhere other than your lashes, let it be, and do the rest of your makeup. It's actually much easier to remove after it dries completely. After all your makeup is done, just use a clean spoolie to just flake the mascara away. It comes off easily without smearing. 

If you still see a little darkness left over from the mascara, just apply some concealer to cover it. 


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