Taylor Swift Trades the Squad for a Scary Wolf Pack in Her New "Out of the Woods" Video

Mmm, toothy.

It's finally here! After one very dirty tease last night, Taylor Swift's full video for "Out of the Woods" premiered this evening on New Year's Rockin' Eve. There's no love interest in it, just Taylor, channeling every fairy tale character ever.

There's Jack and the Beanstalk, as a forest grows before her: 

Cinderella, when she runs from a wolf squad in a blue dress:

Ariel, when she falls in the ocean and washes up on shore:

And of course, Elsa, when she harnesses ice:

But the progressive fairy tale isn't complete without Taylor's version of a "happily ever after"—one that could be a message to probable song subject Harry Styles at the end. 

Watch it in full above. 

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