So, Rihanna's Grammy Performance Would Have Been Awesome

James Corden spills the beans.

On Monday, Rihanna abruptly canceled her Grammys performance of her new song, "Kiss It Better," because she was suffering from bronchitis. But on The Late Late Show, host James Corden revealed a few details of what could have been.

Corden said he was personally asked to participate in the performance, playing a tacky '80s host of a talk show called As It Lays. He would introduce her, she would perform, and then she'd sit down with him for their talk show-within-a-show. The '80s vibe makes sense, since the song has a retro beat and would work well with some gold lamé costumes.

So Corden rehearsed with her and was even fitted for a suit. He said Rihanna was "a bit under the weather" on Saturday, and by Monday night, a doctor had told her it wasn't safe for her to sing, because it could damage her voice.

He went through the whole red carpet telling the press he was introducing her performance, and then he was pulled to the side and told it was canceled. Of course, Corden was ready to replace her, hot pants and all ("luckily I'd just had a wax"), but the Grammys producers sadly passed on it and had him introduce a Lionel Richie tribute instead. Sad.

Rihanna took to Twitter last night to apologize to her fans for missing the show. 

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Still sad. 

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