Kanye "All Positive Energy" West Calls Taylor Swift "Fake" in Leaked 'SNL' Audio

And this is before she came for him in her Grammys Album of the Year acceptance speech.

Kanye West on SNL
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Following his seemingly successful turn on this past weekend's Saturday Night Live, Page Six reported earlier this week that Kanye West had an "epic tantrum" backstage pre-show. He was unhappy about his performance set, their sources claimed, and the way he was being treated by SNL staffers in general.

And now Page Six has the receipts too, in the form of audio of an angry Kanye yelling at production staff, apparently just "minutes before" the show started. "It was like he was having an emotional breakdown ... he said he was going to walk out," the source says. "The only thing that stopped him from actually leaving right then was that nobody had access to the freight elevator."

They don't explain how they came to the footage, but it's clear it was recorded surreptitiously—click through for the full recording. In different sections of the tape, which have seemingly been spliced together, Kanye rails against the set as promised. "Look at that shit, they took my fucking stage off without asking," he says; the SNL team "ripped up some shiny flooring from his set because it was reflecting the stage lights," Page Six explains. In a separate section of tape, he claims he is "50 percent more influential" than a list of famous figures including director Stanley Kubrick, Picasso (as in Pablo), an Escobar that's maybe the drug lord (also a Pablo), and the Biblical apostle Paul (who Kanye has said, of all people, is the Pablo referenced in The Life of Pablo). He'll remain more influential, by the same percentage, Kanye continues, for the next thousand years. Or does he just mean infamous?

Oh, and there's a little moment where he labels Taylor Swift a "fake ass." While this recording would have happened prior to Taylor's speech at Monday night's Grammys, it's likely regarding the lack of support she offered following the release of The Life of Pablo and the controversial lyrics on "Famous" that she's name-dropped in specifically. While Taylor and her camp said she had no input or pre-approval regarding the verse, Kanye claimed she'd been cool with it, and it's this disparity that probably has him pissed. Or maybe a pearl came off his jacket, who knows!

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