Kylie Jenner's Most Recent Lip Kit Restock Literally Broke Google

And Kylie's reaction is priceless.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is no stranger to breaking the internet–basically every time she restocks her lip kits, her website crashes under the massive amounts of people trying to get her beloved matte lipstick. Last night she restocked her lip kits for the second time in a week, and this time around fans not only broke the Kylie Cosmetics website, they broke Google. 

After purchasing went live, Kylie Snapchatted the whole thing from behind the scenes (because, Kylie). It took less than two minutes for the website to crash, and soon after that Kylie's team found out there were so many people on the website that Google Analytics wasn't able to keep up. 

After she recovered from the shock of breaking Google and selling out her lip kits faster than ever, Kylie posted a super sweet message on the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram. She thanked fans for their patience and congratulated the lucky Lip Kit Victors–because this is the beauty version of the Hunger Games–on being lucky enough to snag one. 

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She's kept her promise of weekly restocks so far, so if you didn't get a lip kit last night, just be patient! And hope that her website holds up. 

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