Kylie Jenner Just Announced a Whole New Product She Wants You to Buy

And she did it via music video, because why not?

Following today's theme of dangerous women (started by Ariana Grande and Rihanna), Kylie Jenner has released the first Kylie Cosmetics ad, one that makes it clear you should never underestimate a girl gang. In a very "Bitch Better Have My Money" meets "Bad Blood" video (armed, thigh-high booted ladies! Nicknamed squad members! Latex!) King Kylie keeps watch in a car while her three friends steal cash from some dude in a motel. 

But the real point of the short is to introduce the line's Glosses (the lip gloss version of her lip kit, likely to fly off of shelves tomorrow) in the most badass way possible. 

Touch-up mid-robbery

Mission accomplished, Kylie.

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