A Stalker Was Reportedly Arrested Outside of Taylor Swift's Home

He allegedly drove across the country to see her.

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A man was arrested this weekend after showing up in front of Taylor Swift's home, according to The New York Daily News (opens in new tab). The 38-year-old man allegedly (opens in new tab) drove all the way from Colorado to Beverly Hills in hopes of meeting the Reputation singer. After searching the man's car and interviewing him, cops determined there was enough evidence to arrest him for felony stalking. The man is apparently still in custody.

This is the third person to be arrested recently for allegedly stalking Swift. Per TMZ (opens in new tab), one man robbed a bank in hopes of impressing Swift (opens in new tab) and put some of the stolen money at her house in Rhode Island (it's unconfirmed whether he actually went to her house or not). Another man trespassed her home last month (opens in new tab) and was sentenced to three days in jail along with three years of probation.

Scary, to say the least. Stay safe, Taylor!

Rachel Epstein
Rachel Epstein

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