DEEP BREATHS: Taylor Swift Is Reportedly Dating Your Boyfriend Tom Hiddleston

These photos of them kissing are pretty convincing...

Taylor Swift
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Friends. Taylor Swift―yes, that Taylor Swift―is apparently dating your boyfriend. Or your future boyfriend. Or whatever label you use to describe the bum the man that is TOM HIDDLESTON.



The two were seen posing for a staged photo opp frolicking like lovers do on some rocks in Rhode Island. Casual, amirite?

(Props for the genius headline, Sun.)

The Sun has photos of them and explains to us shocked, confused, injured humans that the two met at the Met Gala. Where, if you remember, they had a dance off:

Did you see that? Did you? That is LOVE, blooming. The kind of love that makes you want to hold hands and take smooching selfies (yes, really) on rocks in Rhode Island.

World, you may not be ready, but I give you: HIDDLESWIFT.

Taylor Swift Is Reportedly Dating Your Boyfriend Tom Hiddleston

(Image credit: Marie Claire)

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