Why Taylor Swift's Instagram Story Is Sparking Hiddleswift Breakup Rumors

Swift probably didn't mean for this to happen…

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Last night, Instagram story fan Taylor Swift posted an intimate glimpse of what she's up to these days (besides going to the gym (opens in new tab) in New York). She's out of the city, away from the crowds, and trying to relive her childhood with the 'rents.

"I'm just doing some major gardening today," she announced. "This is what we used to do, back on the farm except not with kale…"

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The timing of this shot is interesting, as many speculated Swift would be in Los Angeles with Tom Hiddleston (opens in new tab), who arrived in the city Wednesday from Australia. (Hiddleston and Swift have spent the last two weeks apart (opens in new tab), as Hiddleston has been out of the country shooting the latest Thor movie.)

Hiddleswift breakup rumor reports started appearing this week (opens in new tab), made worse by the fact that since Hiddleston joined Instagram (opens in new tab)he and Swift still do not follow each other (opens in new tab). (Hiddleston actually doesn't follow anyone, though Lainey Gossip notes he momentarily followed and then un-followed Swift (opens in new tab).)

But hey, there's texting! FaceTime! Planes! And time before Hiddleston goes back to Chris Hemsworth's home country, if they want to fly to the other side of the country to see each other! And really, there's no rule saying a couple has to spend all their time together, right?

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Alyssa Bailey
Alyssa Bailey

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