Rihanna Basically Confirms Her Relationship with Drake Via PDA

This is not what you do to a guy you friend zoned...

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In the two days since Drake professed his love for Rihanna at the MTV VMAs (opens in new tab), RiRi kissed Drake off the VMA stage (opens in new tab)stayed at Drake's hotel that night (opens in new tab), went on a dinner date with Drake the next day (in maybe his shirt), and then flew down to Miami (opens in new tab) with him. He performed, she danced, and they went out clubbing.

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Entertainment Tonight (opens in new tab)People (opens in new tab), and TMZ (opens in new tab) are reporting the two are official and public now. They had been secretly dating since they got together to do "Work" in January, TMZ adds (opens in new tab). The frequent concert cameos were their trick for spending time together while they were both on tour.

But perhaps the strongest confirmation comes from Rihanna herself. Fans at the nightclub caught her stroking Drake's face in that kind of affectionate, you're-not-actually-just-that-friend-whose-kisses-I-dodge (opens in new tab) way:

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Alyssa Bailey
Alyssa Bailey

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