Meghan Markle and Princess Beatrice Definitely Wore the Same Skirt This Week

Meghan Markle and Princess Beatrice wore the same skirt this week. Meghan wore it to an event celebrating her charity cookbook, while Beatrice wore it to an event for Big Change Charity.

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Providing style inspo literally comes with the territory of being a fashion icon. Meghan Markle, certified fashion icon, has perfected the royal lewk in just a few short months. Proof positive: Princess Beatrice, who has been royal since birth, wore the same skirt as Meghan — and in the same week no less.


The skirt in question is by Misha Nonoo, a close friend of the royal family (who has been rumored to be the anonymous-for-their-own-privacy friend who set Meghan up with Prince Harry in the first place), so it's not surprising that both Meghan and Beatrice would come across it separately.

It's also possible, of course, that the twinning is more intentional. In July, celebrity stylist and PR agency owner Rochelle White spoke to the Daily Mail about how Meghan has inspired Beatrice to change her formerly-eccentric style.

"Beatrice has definitely been taking notes on the royal fashion of Meghan," White said. "She has been a big influence on fashion, trends and style and I think she has seen the power in that. This has probably made her look at her own fashion and style choices."

Here's Meghan, wearing the skirt at a celebration event for her charity cookbookTogether: Our Community Cookbook, where she made her first solo speech as a royal

The Duchess Of Sussex Hosts 'Together' Cookbook Launch

(Image credit: WPA POOL)

The Duchess Of Sussex Hosts 'Together' Cookbook Launch

(Image credit: WPA POOL)

Beatrice wore the skirt to an event for one of her favorite charities, Big Change:

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