Fans Think Taylor Swift Revealed the Name of Gigi Hadid's Baby on 'evermore'

This name is so sweet!

Taylor Swift (opens in new tab) just surprised us all with the unexpected drop of her new album, evermore (opens in new tab), mere months after the release of folklore earlier this year. And if that wasn't enough of a shock, Swift's fans now have a theory that the new album secretly reveals the name of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik's new baby (opens in new tab).

Hadid and Malik welcomed their first daughter together back in September, but they've kept their baby's name a secret, also choosing not to show her face on social media. However, Swift's fans have been sharing their theory that the baby's name is hinted at in evermore

This wouldn't be the first time Swift has been thought to have revealed a baby name with a song. Fans also had a theory that she hinted at Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' daughter's name (opens in new tab) earlier this year with her song "betty."

This time, the theory centers around the track lists of both of Swift's 2020 albums, folklore and evermore, as well as a recent Instagram picture from Hadid. In Hadid's latest Instagram post, she shared throwback photos from her pregnancy, adding the caption, "August, waiting for our girl."

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Eagled-eyed fans have spotted that "august" is also the title of the eighth track on Swift's first 2020 album, folklore. Cross-check that with the track list of evermore, and you'll see that the eighth song on Taylor's new album is called "dorothea."

So, fans think that this all links together, resulting in the theory that Hadid and Malik's daughter is named Dorothea. How adorable!

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Of course, it's pretty farfetched but, to be honest, we wouldn't put it past Swift to come up with such cryptic clues. However, the only way to find out Hadid and Malik's baby name for certain is to wait for the couple to announce it themselves.

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