Beyoncé Wore Tweed Micro Shorts and a Matching Blazer for her 13th Wedding Anniversary Date Night

This look is good.

(Image credit: Instagram)

On April 4, Beyoncé and Jay-Z celebrated 13 years of marriage, and Bey dressed up in an outfit as memorable as the couple themselves.

She wore red-and-black tweed micro-shorts, a matching blazer, and red satin heels with black bows on the back. She added some jewel-studded sunglasses, earrings, a necklace, and a black clutch to the look.

For the past year, the world has pretty much been on pause. This means that for the past year, we have gotten very few Beyoncé looks. Let's hope once things start up again, there are plenty of red-carpet events, tours, Met Galas, and more to make up for the dearth of perfect Bey fashion in 2020 and 2021.

She did, however, attend the Grammys this year, wearing a leather mini-dress. Afterwards, she headed to dinner with Jay-Z while wearing a silver Burberry gown and turban, along with Lorraine Schwartz jewelry.

That's how you celebrate after you become the most awarded female artist ever at the Grammys (with 28 wins). Blue Ivy, 9, also won a Grammy for her work in "Brown Skin Girl."

"Thank you so much," Beyoncé said, in part, in her acceptance speech for Best R&B Performance. "I know my daughter is watching, two daughters and my son, y'all are all watching. Congratulations Blue. She won a Grammy tonight. I’m so proud of you, and I'm so honored to be your mommy, all of your mommys. Y'all are my babies. And I'm so proud of y'all. I love you so much, my rock. Enjoy your night. Thank you."

Hilary Weaver

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