5 Things You Need to Know Right Now

We got you.

1. Rihanna pushes Instagram to its limit. The star posed nude for the second time this month and shared the racy photos across her social media platforms. According to TMZ, Instagram disabled her account for an hour saying that the photo violated its rules against nudity. [TMZ]

Mario Sorrenti / courtesy of Lui magazine
Photo credit: Mario Sorrenti / courtesy of Lui magazine; via Twitter

2. Marissa Mayer had a seriously good 2013. Reports surfaced that the Yahoo CEO's compensation may have topped $200 million last year.[NY Times]

3. There's still room for another woman in the next Star Wars, thank goodness. Apparently one lead female role remains open in the male-dominant cast that was announced on Tuesday, which means we're still holding out for Lupita Nyong'o. [The Week]


4. The 2014 Tony Award nominations were announced! Nominees include Les Miserables, Neil Patrick Harris, and Adele Nazim. [CBS News]

5. Diane Keaton playing "wine pong" with Jimmy Fallon will make your Wednesday.

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