Lady Gaga Brings Yüyi the Mermaid to the Airport

Oh, Gaga.

We're so acclimated to Lady Gaga's balls to the wall looks that we no longer gawk, we just analyze.

Last night, she arrived at Japan's Narita airport in full-blown Yüyi the Mermaid fashion wearing a bejeweled body suit adorned with crystal starfish and seashell pasties. She paired the harlequin onesie with round sunglasses, cream lace-up go go boots, icey jewels, and styled her dreaded platinum locks into the most fountain-inspired half-up, half-down style we've ever seen. In her words via Instagram, "Aphrodite took a hit of love and went to a disco in the future."

Wearability has never been high on Gaga's priority list, this said, we hope she flied first class because that get-up looks about as disagreeable with coach seats as we've ever seen.

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