Did You Recognize These Hilary Duff Lyrics on Taylor Swift's New Album?

Somebody was a big fan of Hil's last album.

Taylor Swift | ELLE UK
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If you're like the rest of the internet and are currently obsessing over every single line of Taylor Swift's new album Reputation—is she singing about Calvin, Tom, Gigi, or all of the above?—then here's one more thing to add to the list.

In Taylor's new song "Getaway Car," there's a line where she sings, "X marks the spot where we fell apart." It's not like it's the most groundbreaking lyric ever sung, but if it rings some distant bell in your brain, it might be because Hilary Duff sang it first, in her 2015 song "Breathe In. Breathe Out."

Oh No They Didn't! brought this important revelation to light, and now the question remains: Is this a crazy coincidence or purposeful quoting? For your consideration, here's a since-deleted Tumblr post where Taylor openly admits that her favorite song from that Hilary album (also called Breathe In. Breathe Out.) is the title track.

Earlier in "Getaway Car," Taylor also quotes Charles Dickens' famous line, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times," but changes the last word to "crimes." At least Hilary is in good company!

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