Beyoncé and Jay Z Went to Britney Spears's Las Vegas Show, Danced to "Oops!...I Did It Again"

This is what date night dreams are made of.

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Britney Spears's Las Vegas Piece of Me spectacle is by no means the juggernaut of celeb cameos that has been Taylor Swift's (opens in new tab) 1989 Tour (opens in new tab), but still, her concerts are known to bring out a few well known names here and there. While the likes of Nicole Richie (opens in new tab) and Whitney Port (opens in new tab) have made their way to Sin City to join the "Pretty Girls" (opens in new tab) singer live in action, no stars have shone brighter than Spears's latest famous ticket holders: Beyoncé and Jay Z. 

(Spoiler alert: they didn't take the stage with Brit-Brit; however, they *did* manage to have the best time ever at her show.)

Yes, everyone's favorite power couple came out to support everyone's favorite pop princess for her most recent performance and the world suddenly feels like a much better place because of it. The Beyhive and the Britney Army were quick to post their excitement online—some even calling Bey and Jay's attendance the "ultimate recognition."

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Thankfully for us and our social media feeds, plenty of fans flooded Instagram and Twitter with pictures and videos of Beyoncé and Jay Z's front row date night. Here they are in all their Britney-loving glory: 

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Here they are apparently getting their groove on to Brit's 2000 classic, "Oops!...I Did It Again":

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And here they are sneaking out early to avoid any potential crowd/peasant interaction:

Oh, and just in case you forgot about the history between these two Queen Bs, here's a reminder that they once starred in a gladiator-inspired Pepsi commercial (opens in new tab) together back in 2003—with some unexpected help from Pink:

Twelve years later, our fingers are crossed for a new B&B collab. Maybe even a Jay Z verse added into the mix? Just throwin' that out there for 2016, guys. 

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Evan Real
Evan Real