Kanye West Throw Chains at Women in Sexist New Video Game

We can't believe our eyes.

Rapper Future has released a web browser-based video game to accompany his new single with Kanye West, "I Won," in which their avatars lounge beachside and toss heavy gold chains at bikini-clad women walking in the sand. As a player, you can "toss a chain on your trophy," to earn different amounts of "Style Points" and add to your "Trophy Collection."

Perplexingly enough, the song that inspired the game is an ode to each rapper's partner — Future is engaged to Ciara, who is pregnant with their first child, and West is set to marry Kim Kardashian, the mother of his daughter North West, this month. Future claims the track is meant to uplift women, but how does equating them to trophies do so? We'd love to know.

This disturbingly sexist game is just the latest instance of misogyny from West, who experienced push-back after his latest album, Yeezus, was riddled with chauvinist lyrics.

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