Congratulations: Beyoncé and Drake's New Track Has Leaked and You Can Listen to It Now

"Before I turn the lights out..."

After Drake teased that he's working with Beyoncé and unveiled a 12-second teaser of their collaboration, the pair's track, "Can I," has leaked in full. While it was an accident—unknown artist Sal Houdini, who sings on the track, had a bit of a SoundCloud mishap (opens in new tab)—we can't help but be all #sorrynotsorry.

We're loving the laid-back, yet "7/11"-level infectious synthesizer beat, Queen Bey's sample loop, and of course Drake's robust, yet vulnerable rhymes: "Show you why I am the way I am, Tell you what I think my biggest flaw is; I try be consistent but I can't. Before I turn the lights out, tell me who the f**k you wanna be."

Listen to "Can I," the duo's second collaboration since "Mine" off of Beyoncé's self-titled album, below:

Lauren Valenti
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