Selena Gomez Believes in Ghosts, Finds One Right in Jimmy Fallon's Studio


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In the realm of celebrity, ghostly run-ins are becoming as ubiquitous as the Stuart Weitzman Nudist.

Following Emilia Clarke's brush with the supernatural in Michel Huisman's haunted house, Selena Gomez and her spirit-detecting app went on Jimmy Fallon last night, where they picked up a gravelly Knight Rider voice intoning "children." (Jimmy freaked out. We downloaded Ghost Hunter M2.)

Sufficiently spooked, Jimmy and Selena then calmed their nerves with a few soothing Dubsmashes, including the Empire Today jingle (SAVE YOURRSSEELLVESSSS) and Liam Neeson threatening to find and kill his daughter's captors in Taken. Super chill. Now excuse me while I go wave my phone around the office. 

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Chelsea Peng
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