Adele Says "Hello" to Music Video Domination, Leaves "Bad Blood" in the Dust

Fill in the blank (space) with your own "Bad Blood" joke.

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Professional feels conjurer Adele recently said she suffered from crippling self-doubt while making 25, but breaking the record for most-viewed video in 24 hours and surpassing Taylor Swift in the process should give her ego a healthy boost.

According to E! News, the sepia-toned visuals for "Hello" left those for "Bad Blood" in the dust, gaining 27.7 million views the day it was uploaded compared to Swift's 20.1 million. Star power drove both videos, but even with a less direct approach (famous people liking "Hello" vs. famous people throwing knives and firing bazookas in "Bad Blood"), Adele still won out.

A fine investment, especially when you factor in production values and not having to run into walls. Well done, Adele. A+++. 

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Chelsea Peng
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