Kanye West Just Dropped a New Music Video, Aptly Titled "Piss on Your Grave"

It's a Halloween miracle.

Kanye West in a fur coat.
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Hot off the heels of releasing two new songs to SoundCloud like it was NBD, Kanye West just debuted a new music video with Travis Scott. The theme? Urinating on gravestones—hence the title, "Piss on Your Grave."

The song is from Scott's album, Rodeo, and Kanye—while technically a featured artist—raps the following amazingly Kanye-ish lyrics: "I'll use your face as a urinal/then do the same at your funeral/piss on your grave/piss on your grave/piss on your grave."

The accompanying video involves a mudslide of skeletons and *maybe* urine, while the source of Kanye and Scott's contention appears to be studio executives. (At least that's what we're getting from Kanye's verse, "This one here for the executives/f—k you and all of your relatives.) 

Angst toward execs aside, the Nabil-directed video does not appear on Kanye's artist-driven Tidal, but rather as an Apple Music exclusive. Watch it below:

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Mehera Bonner is a news writer who focuses on celebrities and royals.