Lady Gaga Says Acting in 'American Horror Story' Has Helped Her Anxiety and Depression

So much so that she's trying to come off her medication.

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You might not think playing a murderous, bloodthirsty-children-feeding character on American Horror Story: Hotel character would be very soothing at all, but in a new interview, Lady Gaga reveals that acting has had a therapeutic effect on her lifelong struggle with depression and anxiety.

"I've tried a lot of things but there is something about acting that has really helped," she said to the Sun. "I'm a Stefani-Gaga hybrid and I want you to know the real me."

These days, the future Mrs. Taylor Kinney says that although she's still on medication, getting over the initial nervousness of filming has helped her cope.

"On my first day I threw up on the way in a bag in my Rolls-Royce. I don't know why I thought that was funny but it is funny. So after I threw up in the bag I saved it and brought it [to the set]."

Oh, Gaga. Never change.

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