So, Um, Rob Kardashian Drove from L.A. to Texas to Pick Up Blac Chyna

Ain't no mountain high enough.

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What is love if not driving 19 hours halfway across the country to pick up your girlfriend from jail? Answer: picking her up from jail in a *Bentley.*

TMZ reports that Rob "White Knight" Kardashian drove 1,377 miles from L.A. to Austin to personally whisk Blac Chyna away from the state that arrested her for public intoxication. This can't be good for his relationship with Khloé "The Boss" Kardashian, but whatever—when you've got feelings this strong, you'll risk the wrath of your sisters/public rest stops to find a way to be together.

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According to TMZ's calculations, this is precisely what our Romeo did, given that Chyna posted a photo of her ride to freedom only 22 hours after her booking. Did she use her one phone call on Rob? Did he then strap on a pair of Depends and hightail it to Texas? This is truly a better love story than Twilight, if not the greatest of our time.

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