Enough People Overcame Financial Distress to Give Beyoncé a *Huge* Payday for Her 'Formation' Tour

Cause of bankruptcy: Bey.

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In the two days between Beyoncé's world tour announcement and the tickets going on sale, the Tumblr users who complained about having insufficient funds seemed to have gotten their finances in order, according to a new report from Billboard. Or they just found people willing to barter seats for trips to Red Lobster. #freemarketcapitalism

According to the publication's calculations, the inexperienced Snapchatter could gross $200 million to $250 million from selling out all 40 stadium dates, compared to the $212 million the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour grossed in 2013 and 2014. Throw in a new album that could drop any day now, merch, and the AmEx partnership, and the soundtrack to Beyoncé's return pretty much sounds like the swoosh of crisp Benjamins being fanned out.

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