Kanye West Threw a Tantrum Before Performing on 'SNL', Because of Course

The set design was *NOT* up to snuff. 

Standing, Denim, Purple, Electric blue, Magenta, Violet, Stage, Boot,

Kanye West performed on SNL Saturday night, and while he managed to maintain an air of max chill, his alter ego "Twitter Kanye" had an IRL meltdown before the show. Apparently, Yeezus was displeased with some of SNL's set design (ugh, get it together "Lorne"), and threatened to throw up deuces and leave.

"Just moments leading into the live show, and during the live show, Kanye had a meltdown and threatened to walk off," a source tells Page Six. "It had something to do with the set. Kim, who was in the audience with Kylie Jenner, had to come down. Lorne had to personally talk to Kanye. There were a few really tense minutes."

Look, it's Kanye's world and we're just living in it, so not quite sure why SNL's design department didn't pull out all the stops and procure an antique fish tank—or at the very least a life-sized replica of future "Kanye West Ideas" investor Mark Zuckerberg.

The good news is that Kanye managed to calm down enough to deliver a solid performance, but not before informing everyone that he's the "greatest artist." Noted.


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