The Most Powerful Oscars Moment Actually Happened Offstage

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney stole the show from behind the scenes.

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Before Lady Gaga hit the stage for a seriously touching performance that tackled sexual assault, she posted an Instagram with fiancé Taylor Kinney that was powerful, moving, and sweet. 

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Gaga has been a huge influence in the fight against sexual assault and violence, and as a survivor herself, her devotion to the cause is a personal one. 

"One in five women will be raped before the time they finish college; one in 20 men will be raped before the time they finish their schooling at their university. It's something that is deeply connected to my heart," she told Ryan Seacrest. "I am myself a survivor; Diane Warren is herself a survivor of sexual violence, and we are here tonight and very grateful to the Academy for giving us this world stage to reward survivors for being brave and coming forward."

Brava, Lady Gaga. And Bravo, Taylor Kinney. 

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