Taylor Swift Reveals That She Gave Her Friends Mace in High School and Talks to Her Mom Three Times a Day

Plus, 23 other facts you never knew about the star.

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We all know Taylor Swift values her friendships—but the star used to indulge her protection instinct to the furthest extent, gifting her high school friends mace, you know, "so they could defend themselves if they needed to." (Don't worry, they were keychain-sized.)

The 23-year-old star opened up to Us Weekly with 25 things you never knew about her, and we definitely didn't know at least half of what she revealed. Did you know she calls her mom three times a day? That she can't get through Pocahontas without crying? That she used to have a pug named Nelly, after the rapper? "When I performed with Nelly on my tour, I did not tell him this." (Good call, Tay.) 

The singer, who just celebrated her one-year anniversary with boyfriend Calvin Harris, also acknowledged that she lives every day to the fullest in the least cheesy way possible. "I'm very aware that youth and fame don't last forever, so I make the most of this every day." We see you, Tay. Read the rest of her fun facts over at Us Weekly.

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