Taylor Swift Uses Treadmill, Raps Some Drake, Dances Too Hard, Falls Over

All in the name of free 🍏 🎵 .

Taylor Swift
(Image credit: Getty Images)

It seems as though lyrical shade thrower Taylor Swift has teamed up with Apple Music to announce three full months of free streaming. More importantly, she did so while rapping on a treadmill.

In the below ad, Taylor chills at the gym in full makeup (totally normal way to work out), announces "I hate cardio," starts rapping the lyrics to "Jumpman," gets a little too hype, and then flies off her treadmill onto the floor.

Can we all agree that she just reached peak relatable? Also, free music, yay! 

(P.S. We have a feeling Apple will most definitely be paying artists for this three-month period if Taylor has anything to say about it.)

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Mehera Bonner
Entertainment Editor

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