Prince William and Kate Middleton Went on Safari and It Was Royally Magnificent

Kate bottle-feeding an elephant = priceless.

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Prince William and Kate Middleton are currently in India on vacation, where they recently spent the day bonding with a fleet of adorable baby animals while on safari. In other words, they're living their best lives, and we're tagging along for the fun. 

To kick their adventure off, Will and Kate hopped in a car and were just all 😍 😍 😍  at each other for the entire ride.

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Then, Kate changed into a dress and fed a baby rhino. Note: some rhinos wait a lifetime for a moment like this.

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Kate also had the pleasure of nurturing a random elephant, who was clearly desperate for someone to acknowledge his flawless hairstyle. 

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Meanwhile, Prince William found a rock to play with.

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And Kate Middleton was like "I see you, Will, but look at my rock."

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All in all, this day was a success. 

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