Taylor Swift on Karma, Her Squad's Secret-Keeping Skills, and the Nicest Thing Calvin Harris Has Ever Done for

Just a casual catalogue of her many achievements.

For a certain kind of person, a 73 Questions video with Taylor Swift is like Christmas and Halloween and your birthday all rolled into one. For everyone else, it's still a good time because she talks about Calvin Harris planting an olive tree for her and you get to see the inside of her house.

When she isn't raving about The Martian in the faux-spontaneous onscreen interview accompanying her Vogue cover, Miss Heart-Eyes Emoji Personified delves into the deep stuff, such as the advice she'd give her 19-year-old self ("you're going to be a national lightning rod for slut shaming"), the bravest thing she's ever done (writing the Apple Music letter), and the last thing she baked (a gluten- and dairy-free chocolate cake). To hear more thoughts about karma and high waists and being scared of Coachella, watch the video here.

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