Prince William Mocks Kate Middleton's Cooking in a Ridiculously Cute Way

TFW you get teased by your middle school crush.

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Prince William and Kate Middleton recently went to a charity dinner (as one does), and casually tried to imply that they do their own home cooking. Which, okay, sure. 👀

Anyway, the conversation morphed into an adorable flirting session, which is really all that matters here. Because Will and Kate flirting > all other flirting.



The couple were wined and dined by Michelin star chefs over a five-course meal, and the Duchess took the opportunity to shade her own cooking—giving Will a chance to get his flirt on. As the English would (maybe?) say, he was being totally cheeky.

"William has to put up with my cooking most of the time," Kate said (via Us Weekly), to which her IRL Prince quipped,"It's the reason I'm so skinny."

Guys! These two! The royal hijinks! The LOLs! Love is real! More exclamation marks!!!!


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