Kendall Jenner Goes Goth, Looks Like a Completely Different Person

Like you've never seen her before, no joke.

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Rounding out the "traditional model" portion of the roster, Kendall Jenner has joined Cara Delevingne—and Courtney Love, Missy Elliott, Marilyn Manson, and St. Vincent—as one of the (many) faces of Marc Jacobs' Fall 2016 campaign. 

In the caption accompanying the David Sims-lensed portrait, the designer history recounts Jenner's history with the brand (it was her first fashion show ever thanks to Katie Grand/a BFD when she landed Spring 2015) and shares an anecdote about the model's work ethic and startling ability to sail around in those lethally vertiginous platforms. 

Did you catch it, though? That subtle-but-pointed weighing-in on the whole Stephanie Seymour Thing? No? 


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