Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Are Too in Love to Eat, Because There Is No Other Explanation for This PDA

So cute it'll put you off your dinner.

Taylor Swift, Tom Hiddleston
(Image credit: Getty)

There's always that one couple at the restaurant who's so into each other that it's hard to keep your eyes on your own plate. In Nashville on Thursday, that twosome had a name: Hiddleswift. 

As they dined with two friends—one of whom might have a man bun but definitely spent a considerable amount of time frowning—the Selena fans held hands and kept them connected in various positions throughout the meal. 

"BUT HOW DO YOU EAT THEN?" all the pragmatists exclaim. Answer: You don't. But you could sneak a bite in the moments between entrepreneurial teens coming up to your table and your beau interlacing your fingers again. Exactly how most people would like their dinners to go.

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Chelsea Peng
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