Taylor Swift Has Another Bridesmaid Gig in Her Immediate Future

Spoiler alert: a massive engagement ring lies within.

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Taylor Swift's squad might be full of supermodels, but make no mistake: she's still best friends with her OG buddies from high school, including Abigail Anderson. And exciting news for people who enjoy watching Taylor dance at weddings: Abigail is engaged. See, look:

Abigail has been a big presence in Taylor's life and career. The pop icon sang about her friend in 2009's "Fifteen" ("Abigail gave everything she had to a boy who changed his mind and we both cried"), and even brought her to the Grammy Awards. In fact, here you go:

Cute/#FriendshipGoals, but questions: will Tom Hiddleston be invited to the wedding, y/n? Because if so, we need to mentally prepare for more dancing gifs.

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