Emily Ratajkowski Just Shut Down Piers Morgan's Sexism in One Epic Tweet


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Piers Morgan, what is happening? After making enemies with many pretty much all of Hollywood with his, uh, interesting approach to women, feminism, and the world, he's back at it again trolling female celebrities with sexist tweets because that's what one does as a "journalist"? Sure.

Posting a picture of Emily Ratajkowski's nude spread for Harper's Bazaar (in which she also has a smart, enlightening conversation with famed feminist author Naomi Wolf about sexuality and shaming), Morgan clearly missed the entire point/did not read the article because he ironically calls her out with this sexist BS:

To which Ratajkowski replies/gives the most epic burn of all:

Nothing better to do or address in current times at all, right Morgan? No. Nothing at all.

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