Kendall Jenner De-Stresses with This $80 Candle, How 'Bout You?

Plus, more insight into her "me" day.

Kendall Jenner
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As her generation's most prolific supermodel, Kendall Jenner doesn't have a ton of free time. But the 20-year-old does occasionally make space in her schedule for herself, and now she's dishing on her "me" day routine.

"It's so important to indulge myself every once in a while to make sure my body feels good," Kendall writes on her website (opens in new tab). "When I know I need a "me" day, I'll take a long, hot bath with my favorite Byredo candle burning. I'll just try to zen out and clear my head! But, when my body really feels beat, I'll have a massage therapist come to my house and give me a really amazing treatment. When I actually go to a spa, though, my favorite thing is to sit in the steam room."

To indulge à la Kenny, you need the following supplies (peep the rest on her site).

byredo candle

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Byredo candle (opens in new tab), $80.

red flower sea salt

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Red Flower Icelandic sea salt (opens in new tab), $35.

eye mask

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Estée Edit stress relief eye-mask (opens in new tab), $42.

BRB, buying all the things.

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