Kendall Jenner's Neighbors Were *Not* Thrilled When She Moved in: "I Caused a Lot of Ruckus"

TFW there's a Kardashian (er, Jenner) living on your block.

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Kendall Jenner showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live looking incredibly flawless whilst serving choker goals, and it was fully 🙌 . Not only did she confuse Jimmy Kimmel by describing something as "sick" (cut to him saying, "You felt, like, sick in a good way? Remember, I'm old."), she chatted about ditching her signature waves for a lob.

Jimmy better get used to Kendall's teenage jargon, because they're neighbors—and apparently the model's presence on the block caused some low-key drama. Or, to quote Kendall, a "ruckus."

The model also spoke about keeping secrets from her family, which turns out to be basically impossible (Kim Kardashian sees all). Check out the rest of her charming interview below.

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