Taylor Swift Ruled Both the Photo Booth and the Dance Floor at This A-List Birthday Party

We wouldn't expect anything less.

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On next year's GMAT, there will be the question "At any given party, where could one find Taylor Swift?" The answer? Both A. (in the photo booth) and C. (on the dance floor with Mary J. Blige). That's what we call a freebie.

According to anonymous sources speaking to Us WeeklyMeredith Grey's keeper—but not friend—partied it up at Liberty Ross' 38th birthday party in L.A. on Saturday. "Gwyneth Paltrow was dancing with Taylor Swift and hanging out with her a lot," a source said. "They seemed like good friends. Taylor was in an amazing mood and very social."

A second source said Swift and Blige cut a rug with guests Pharrell, Tom Ford, Mick Jagger, Cindy Crawford, and Danny DeVito. Swift and Blige: The *True* How to Be Single Story.

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