Get Ready: Taylor Swift Is Performing a Pre-Super Bowl Show

Shaking off summer 2016 both literally and figuratively.

Taylor Swift
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In case Beyoncé didn't make it clear, the Super Bowl is an excuse to binge eat chicken wings while watching the country's biggest stars put on the best performances of their lives. You know, while football happens and whatever. This year, Lady Gaga will be performing during the halftime show (yay!), but hark! Taylor Swift will also be gifting the world a performance during the pre-show the night before (double yay!).

The "Bad Blood" singer is poised to headline DIRECTV's Super Saturday Night pre-Super Bowl performance on February 4, and get this: they're building her a custom-made 64,000-square-foot venue. #Casual

Taylor has just signed a multi-year deal with AT&T (who are putting on the show), and while we're not sure if new music will be unveiled during her performance, it's safe to assume big things are coming. Big, like the venue they are literally building for her.

Find out how to get tickets to Taylor's show this-a-way. Go sports!

Taylor Swift ballet

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