Beyoncé and Her Dancers Slayed in Hillary Clinton Pantsuits at Last Night's #GetOutTheVote Concert

Plus...custom Beyoncé "I'm With Her" shirts?!?!?!

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Beyoncé always wears the right thing. Whether it's a pantsless look for a red carpet or a sparkly gown to the grocery store, Bey is never wrong, because...hello, she's Beyoncé. But last night, Queen B was particularly right with her wardrobe choice. The singer performed at Hillary Clinton's #GetOutTheVote concert and, in a nod to the presidential candidate's signature look, wore a pantsuit.

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But she didn't stop there: In addition to her own black-and-white polka-dot pantsuit, her backup dancers wore blue pantsuits and what appear to be custom Beyoncé "I'm With Her shirts." And...doesn't that look like the wide-brimmed hat Beyoncé wears in the "Formation" video (and performances) over the "I'm With Her"?

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Need another look? How about that shirt Bey was wearing backstage during her casual hang with Hillary?


While there doesn't appear to be any Beyoncé X Hillary merch available on either queen's site at the moment, we will hold out hope that they'll appear soon, because they are perfection.

In the meantime, we'll make do with this unofficial Hillary product:

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