Lady Gaga Schools Piers Morgan on Rape and PTSD in the *Most* Satisfying Way

And now they're taking their Twitter feud to IRL.

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While giving her Woman of the Year speech at the Billboard Music Awards, Madonna revealed that she'd been raped at knife-point when she first moved to New York City. And naturally, because most people are kind and empathetic, the internet was quick to voice their support. Except Piers Morgan, professional Twitter troll/enemy of Chrissy Teigen.

The always-controversial host decided that instead of supporting Madonna, he'd cast doubt on her claim, and insulted Lady Gaga while doing so.

Instead of getting mad, Gaga took some time out of her busy schedule of being flawless to educate Morgan.

Morgan ended up offering to interview Gaga, and she agreed.

Hopefully, Morgan will gain some perspective after sitting down with Mother Monster.

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Mehera Bonner
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