Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Got High at Disneyland and It Was "Literally Heaven"

There's photographic evidence, too 😂.

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Back when he was dating Emma Stone/was half of our favorite couple of relationships past, Andrew Garfield was having way more fun than we realized. To the tune of getting high at Disneyland for his 29th birthday.

"I was with eight of my closest friends—they came out to L.A. to surprise me," Garfield says in a new video from W Magazine. "We went to Disneyland and we ate pot brownies. It was literally heaven."

Among the day's highlights? Space Mountain three times in a row, a momentary freakout on It's a Small World, a semi-choreographed dance through Fantasyland, and a "pure of heart" tour guide named Chantelle. "God bless you Chantelle, wherever you are," Garfield said. "She had no idea we were on drugs."

And because the world is an amazing place, photos from that very Disney trip popped up on Twitter. The pics are significantly more LOL-able knowing they are stoned.

The faces of pure joy don't lie: "It was perfect," Garfield said. Watch him tell the entire story of the greatest birthday of all time below.

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