Wondering How Selena Feels About Taylor Swift's New Boyfriend?

Do tell, Sel.

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Taylor Swift has moved on from Tom Hiddleston with relatively unknown British actor Joe Alwyn, and while he hasn't *officially* joined the squad (where is your "I Heart T.S." tank top, Joe?!)—Taylor's friend group is weighing in.

During an interview on SiriusXM's Morning Mash Up, Selena was asked if she and Taylor had gotten a chance to "hang out with each other and your new people." A not-so-subtle way of asking "What's the deal with Joe?"

Selena's response? "I hang out with my new person a lot," she said. "Honestly, if my friends are happy, that makes me happy. That's all I care about. So, I'm super stoked, too. It's been a good time."

Cool, but pics or it didn't happen.

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