Stop Everything and Listen to Taylor Swift's New Single "Look What You Made Me Do"

So. Much. Shade.

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It's happening. After months of silence, Taylor Swift has made her triumphant return to pop culture with the new single "Look What You Made Me Do." The singer dropped her song on Thursday night—just two days before the MTV Video Music Awards, where she's rumored to be making an appearance.

It's intense, blunt, and bold. Listen here:

Taylor's new album is called Reputation (Get it? Because she had a turbulent 2016?!), and drops on November 10.

Taylor's return to the spotlight has been methodically plotted—and started with her erasing all forms of social media and posting a cryptic snake video. Which makes sense considering the fact that she got spammed with snake emojis last year.

We're sure you're about to listen to the song on repeat approximately one million times, but for a fast look at the shade-throwing lyrics, check them out below:


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Mehera Bonner
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