Korto Momolu on Episode 5 of Project Runway, Season Six

Season five finalist and fan favorite Korto Momolu recaps the latest episode of Project Runway, season 6.

Missed an episode of Project Runway? Be sure to catch up on all the drama and fashion as your favorite winners and finalists from past seasons blog their way through season six.

Recapping the fifth episode is season five finalist and fan favorite Korto Momolu. Be sure to check out Korto's website, kortomomolu.com (opens in new tab)!

Warning: Spoilers ahead!


Finally a challenge I've been waiting to see. No fabric plus not enough time to create equals designers about to snap. The challenge is to create a garment out of newspapers and its on...

First I see my girls are on point as always, Althea & Irina looking good. The guys are not too far behind but its nothing overwhelming.

For the first time I give you, Korto's verbal spanking of the season:

JOHNNY- why did you try out for this show? Do you have ay idea who's at home kicking the tv because you made it on. And they didn't? I mean COME ON.....A CROSSWORD PUZZLE? I have no more words.

Everyone seemed to bring their best foot forward and in the end a coat dress (and everyone knows I LOVE a coat dress!) By the lovely irina won. Congrats girl !

Each week keeps me more interested an my new added favs this week is Christopher and Irina.

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