Watch Guys Try to Unclasp Different Kinds of Bras

Get it together, guys! It's not brain surgery.

The task seemed easy enough — unclasp the bra from the dress form as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, when it comes to dudes and bras, nothing is ever easy.

Orange Convertible Bra (opens in new tab), CLO INTIMO (Available at Journelle), $49; Front-Clasping Racerback Bra (opens in new tab), TRIUMPH (Available at Journelle), $98; Black Strappy Bra (opens in new tab), BORDELLE (Available at Journelle), $218; White Corset (opens in new tab), HUIT (Available at Nancy Meyer), $129

Cast: Ryan, Sam, Stravinsky, Alex (opens in new tab), Mike, Keith (opens in new tab), Alex, and Andrew.

Charles Manning

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