Netflix's 'Making A Murderer' Spoof 'American Vandal' Is Your Go-To Binge-Watch This Week

"This isn't about d*cks, it's about the justice system."

The rhetorical questions that leave you hanging, thirsting for more. The creepy slow-motion close ups to random objects, like a coffee cup, that totally makes you convinced they're significant pieces of evidence. The tales of childhood from neighbors and descriptions of how the suspect in question was "always such a good kid" and that "no one expected they could do something like this."

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If you're a fan of Netflix's Making A MurderAmanda Knox, or the Serial podcast, you'll be well aware of these stylistic techniques that keep you on the edge of your seat and questioning every twist and turn of a true crime story, until its inevitable cliff-hanger ending.

With that in mind, Netflix appears to have applied its skilful storytelling of true-crime dramas yet again, but this time used it on a fake crime so preposterous, it's weirdly believable.

American Vandal is a new eight-part documentary-style true crime satire that mimics the cinematography style of Making a Murderer and The Keepers with a completely fictional and hilarious plot.

The series presents the story of an American high school student Sam (Griffin Gluck, who sounds awfully like Vin Diesel) who is the key suspect in a dick-pic-drawing crime around the school.

Yes, you read that correctly—"a dick-pic-drawing crime."

From ballistics tests, evidence used from archived Snapchat and Instagram posts, an analysis of ball hair drawings, the "investigators" do a brilliant job of keeping a straight face while trying to get to the "truth" of who exactly did draw the offensive images.

Believe us, just one episode into American Vandal and you'll be sucked into the crime narrative and feeling justice for whoever did draw the penis cartoons must prevail.


American Vandal is now streaming on Netflix.

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