Listen to Ryan Adams' Entire Cover Album of Taylor Swift's '1989'

So, so beautiful.

At long last, Ryan Adams' cover album of 1989 is here—and no one is more excited than Taylor Swift herself. She's called the project "surreal and dreamlike (opens in new tab)," and posted an appropriately cat-themed countdown meme, because of course.

But seriously, upon first listen, it's obvious why Swift has waited with bated breath for Adams to put his spin on her music. 

The nuanced alt rocker's haunting, acoustic re-imagination of Swift's relatable, lovelorn lyrics is already garnering praise from fans as a "work of art (opens in new tab)" with "Breakfast Club/Sixteen Candles vibes (opens in new tab)." And, uh yeah, we concur—particularly when it comes to her vengeance anthem "Bad Blood" and dreamy ballad "Wildest Dreams."

Later today, Adams will be interviewed on Zane Lowe's Beats Radio 1 show and we have MUCH reason to believe that Swift will be joining him. Duet, anyone?

Listen to the album in full via Spotify below:

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Lauren Valenti
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