Sarah Jessica Parker Looks *Very* Carrie Bradshaw on Her New Show

Her character must also have a thing for prints.

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There is too little information out right now about Sarah Jessica Parker's new HBO show (opens in new tab)Divorce (opens in new tab), but basically, all you need to know is that her character Frances looks like Sarah Jessica Parker who looks like Carrie Bradshaw. The answer is always Carrie Bradshaw.

In a first look at the series, which also stars Molly Shannon and Talia Balsam, we see Frances on a New York sidewalk in a mauve coat and a cityscape-printed dress with her hair in the kind of waves you make by leaving the ends out of the flatiron. She's also got a cross-body bag, which leaves her hands free to contemplate her "very, very long" separation, which is also advertised as being very, very funny.

Promising. May Divorce meet all our comedic needs—until we re-watch it 20 years later (opens in new tab).

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Chelsea Peng
Chelsea Peng

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